Sell My Business Melbourne, Only 3% Of Owners Sell Their Business For Peak Exit Value

97% of owners accept an average industry valuation for the sale of their business.

75% of sellers leave money on the table.

However, 3% get a peak exit value - the ultimate exit price. ✔✔ How?

How do you cross the white line into the green zone of peak exit value?

How do you build a buyer's confidence in your future value?

How do you become ironclad-ready for due diligence?

Is your business better than the industry average?

Is your business worth more than an industry average valuation? ✔✔

Are you having trouble convincing your financial advisors? 💯

Our Proactive Exit Mastery Model you will take you across the white line into the 3% peak market value zone.

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Includes: The 9 KEY ACCELERATORS that enable you to be in the top 3% of sellers who successfully attract a strategic buyer.

Our goal is to equip you with a more powerful, profound and insightful way to attract strategic buyers willing to pay a forward multiple for your business.

*Thinking of selling in the next 12 months? We specialise in B2B industrial, technology, engineering, research, telecommunications and IT businesses. It's essential you have a good business with solid fundamentals and a track record of honesty and integrity.



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Despite 96% agreeing that it is important...

Eighty-eight percent of business owners find themselves without an exit strategy in place.

"We believe that successful business builders truly deserve a peak exit value that validates their earned life’s effort."

Walter Adamson, author Proactive Exit Mastery™

How Do I Sell My Business?

For 20 years I have been developing and implementing growth strategies with business owners. Recently I started hearing new questions - what's the best way to sell my business? And, how do you value a business for sale?

It's then that I discovered that while 90% of owners agree that having an exit plan is important nearly 80% of owners have no written exit plan and 50% have not planned at all.

As a fast-growing SME, I engaged Walter as an Executive Advisor to assist me in various strategic and operational challenges.

During the past three years, Walter has helped me to navigate and prioritise key projects required to maximise growth opportunities whilst at the same time positioning Commtel as an innovative enterprise focused on mission-critical communication systems.

Walter has taken a hands-on approach to the execution of projects when required and has demonstrated an exceptional work rate during the process. 

His ability to grasp the complexities of our business combined with his deep corporate experience makes him a unique and valued resource to our company and I look forward to his ongoing support in the next phase of Commtel’s development.

Robert Green, CEO, Commtel Network Solutions

Beyond EBITDA and Fair Market Value

The default business sale choice is to use a broker. A business broker's goal is to get you "Fair Market Value". That is, to get you the average of other similar businesses.

Is your business average? If your life's earned effort has created a better than average business then you deserve better than just a fair market value.

A good business broker will identify key opportunities to improve your operating margins and show how to recast the EBITDA you present to buyers. That's necessary, and for a financial sale it is the game itself.

However, to attract a strategic buyer of your business recasting financial statements and preparing a nominal EBITDA is only a ticket to the game.

Here's the bottom line. You know the meaning of EBITDA. So does a financial buyer. But does a strategic buyer understand the real value of your business?

To know how to sell your business to a strategic buyer you have to have a plan. The plan requires as much focus and energy from you as you spent in building your successful business.

Three Secrets of A Peak Exit Value

Obtaining a peak value exit is hard work, and it's not for everybody. Our methodology, developed from tens of years of hands-on experience, will guide you through 9 "Accelerators" with 27 critical work plans.

Here's a secret - as vital as they are our plans are not the secret sauce.

Our secret sauce is in creating curiosity from strategic buyers, creating tension within and between them, and providing them insurance that their peak value offer is underwritten by acceptable risk.

How Much More Is A

Strategic Exit Worth?

Client C's accountant assessed C's business and reported a fair market value of $14m to $18m could be expected from a purchaser. The accountant was affiliated with a large well-known business broker network and used their methodology.

Our peak exit value process delivered competing strategic buyers who offered 3X multiples of the fair market value.

Walter Adamson

DIRECTOR, Digital Investor Pty Ltd.

Transform your business into an investor-ready predictable growth engine.

Learn how to deliver Bankable Growth, Ironclad Readiness and Buyer Competition


What is your level of confidence that investments in internal capabilities will accelerate future growth?


How satisfied are you that your margins are adequate in each of your income streams?


How certain are you that you can find a strategic buyer willing to pay a premium for your business?

Scrutiny on deals is getting higher and higher year in and year out. Sell-side preparation is more important than ever. This means being ready, putting yourself in buyers’ shoes, understanding what questions are likely to come down the track, and being clear on your strategy in terms of how you’re going to respond.

While this may have been a ”nice-to-have” a few years ago, I would say it is now essential.

Jon Kenworthy

Co-chair of M&A, DLA Piper

Ansarada 2022 M&A Outlook: Q&A with the Top Global Dealmakers

What do you see as the biggest hurdles that dealmakers will have to overcome over the next 18 months or so?

The need for sellers to increase the amount of preparation and forethought as to who will be on your side, who your buyers are going to be, what they’re going to be interested in, and how you can run the deal process efficiently to deliver maximum value at the end of it.

Rhys Evans

Partner Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Ansarada 2022 M&A Outlook: Q&A with the Top Global Dealmakers

Join the 3% who step across the white line.

Our Proprietary 9 Accelerators keep you on track to achieve Peak Exit Value.

The Accelerators define micro-projects which map the work required to attract a strategic buyer.

Finally, get a clear path to realising your peak exit value

Track where you are currently in your exit-ready journey, understand how to value your business for sale, and know the path that you need to take in order to REALISE YOUR LIFE'S EARNED VALUE.

How long can you afford to wait?

However far you are today below the green line to peak exit value, the reality is that this is the closest you will ever be without decisive commitment.

How long can you wait to jump lines?

The jump between the drift to book value and any other more rewarding line just gets wider over time.

This drifting makes the effort to deliver peak market value harder, riskier and more costly.

Sell My Business Melbourne, How Long Can You Afford To Wait

How do you even get on the green line?

Once there how do you stay on the green line?

Is it possible to get the big result but do it faster?

The REAL question here is


We can help you jump from where you are today onto the green line right now.

Then, by applying our Proactive Exit Mastery Model as an ongoing process with you we can help you to ride the curve all the way to the top sale value for your business.

The opportunity is also there to accelerate the path to attracting strategic buyers. We help business owners accelerate to their full valuation potential in half the usual time, when they make that commitment.

The first step for you to get on the green line now is to take decisive action now.



Your Worst Enemy is Indecisiveness - Drifting


Statistically, it takes about 8 to 18 months to confidentially prepare and sell a $10m to $50m revenue private company.

Drift will always result in you falling off the green line (which heads up to peak value), and as time passes drift always creates a bigger gap to close to back on the green line.

This gap will get worse without decisive action - you will only get further from where you want to be, i.e. further from realising the full value of your earned life's effort.

Over time, moving from drifting back up to decisive action on the green line becomes riskier, more expensive, and harder than if started earlier. If you are considering selling your business then indecisiveness is your enemy.


Napoleon Hill, best known for his book Think and Grow Rich, which is among the 10 best-selling self-help books of all time, says in his book "Outwitting the Devil" that drifting is the number one technique for cancelling all of our progress and success.

Napoleon Hill, on the danger of drifting:

"I can best define the word 'drift' by saying that people who think for themselves never drift, while those who do little or no thinking for themselves are drifters. A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside of his own mind. A drifter is one who accepts whatever life throws in his way without making a protest or putting up a fight. He doesn't know what he wants from life and spends all of his time getting just that."